Copyright issue

A friend commissioned me to make her a Hot Spot in a particular design: a comic book woman crying, saying “OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO HAVE CHILDREN!” I checked my go-to fabric designer, Michael Miller, but he has no such design, nor does any other fabric designer that I could find. I did find a magnet on the website that fits the bill, but it is copyrighted material. To get a yard of fabric printed on (which I use a lot), I have to affirm that I have the right to the image.
So!  I designed my own in fabric as a “master,” then took a photo of that, changed up the colors (thank you Photoshop) for variety, and I’ll make my own fabric to use in the Hot Spots. I had to change the image at least 30% — easily accomplished by changing media alone — plus other changes.
Here are my images, followed by the image. I’ll post the final product whenever it gets made!

Master copy of OMG I forgot to have Children