Birds and Nature

Watching wild birds and providing the habitat they need to live is a passion of mine. I could hardly wait to move from the city to the country side so that we could attract Blue Birds. My husband and I took a class as soon as we arrived on how to build their bird houses, and were so excited when a nesting pair found us.  We’ve had them ever since. They usually overwinter here.

And all the rest: cardinals, chickadees, goldfinches and many more. I’ll be make birds for a long time. 

The rest of the natural world is also of great interest to me. Native plants, insects, and, especially, trees. In the spring of 2020 we planted a forest on our land. It seems that 2.5 acres of contiguous trees defines a forest! We’ve planted 800 trees by now, and the little seedlings are from 4 feet to over 12 feet tall, depending on species (all native to this area.) They are already feeding and nesting birds.

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