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My classes:

Beginner Art Quilt Class. This class teaches a raw edge applique fusing technique for constructing a semi-realistic image. Materials include Mistyfuse, freezer paper, parchment paper, pencils, scissors and sewing implements.

Recycle & Stitch. Free form collage is a delightful way to compose an art quilt, using varied materials such as fabrics, papers, bits of clothing, lace or embroidery, text, images — just about any 2-D object.  The class will emphasize the importance of good composition and design principles as well as tricks and ideas to put it all together.

10 Ways to Use Found Objects (in art quilts). This is a 3-hour, hands-on class.  Fabrics and some objects will be available, but students are encouraged to bring their own stash: buttons, bottlecaps, shells, paper –detritus of all kinds — it’s all good!  All kinds of fabrics are possible to use, including tulle, cheesecloth and netting.  Examples and explanations wil be given for all the methods.  Your choice: make a sampler or use one of two methods to make your own quickie quilt.


My Story. I started my artistic journey late, after a major change in life’s direction. But in the last 10 plus years I have made over 700 art quilts, and am going strong.  This is my story.