Artist Statement

My stitched collages — which sometimes include found objects and papers along with fabrics — often echo my feeling that, “Here is this place, where I saw, breathed and absorbed the atmosphere. Here are some artifacts from other people who share my time on earth.”

I was a painter first, and though painting is a more fluid media, I aspire to achieve equal or more depth and richness with the fiber arts. My passion for the colors and textures of fabrics, and bringing fragments of them together into award-winning art, is a thread that goes back many years.

I learned to sew at the age of 13. By high school, I was making all of my own clothing, including my prom dress and Easter coat. Later, I was drawn to art, and began painting plein air and industrial subjects.

It wasn’t long until my painterly pursuits intertwined with my love for fabric.

I continue to be drawn to specific places as subjects. First comes a tug of interest in light, shadow, or shape. Once I am hooked on a subject I tend to work quickly, combining fabrics, found objects and a combination of machine free motion stitching and hand stitching. At the end I slow down and finish meditatively with hand stitching and evaluation.

I particularly treasure my affiliation with Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA). I am active in the Pennsylvania chapter, and am honored to have been juried into a number of the prestigous SAQA shows.  

Currently travelling:

Guns: Loaded Conversations



I am very honored to have been accepted as a Juried Artist Member of SAQA as well.