Art Donation — Threads of the Human Story

Art Donation -- Threads of the Human Story

I recently donated a piece of art to a non profit organization.
This is one that has strong social and political content, so I felt that it would be a good fit.
It was inspired by an image of the earth at night, put together by the National Geographic out of hundreds of satellite photos taken over the course of several years. It shows the disparity of the electrified, developed world, and the areas that are dark. Wild fires rage across Australia, and the red flare of natural gas burn off is clear in Nigeria, the Middle East and Siberia.
I interpreted it in cloth, and added a border made from handmade pieces from Ghana, Cambodia and Thailand, collected by friends who were traveling there at that time.
While the photos tell a social, economic and political story of humans and the earth, the border tells a story of the work being done by hand by creative people in the areas of the world that are not lit up at night.
The organization I donated it to is the Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern PA. They share a space with Strong Women Strong Girls. Here they are with the piece in its new home!