2 Minute Artist Talks

Here is some real fun.
At the opening of Quilt National, the pre-eminent art quilt show at the Dairy Barn, Athens, Ohio, each artist who had a piece in the show and was in attendance got to give a 2 minute presentation about her piece. I was there, and noticed the videographers,  setting up and making a video of each presentation. The date was May 23, 2015, at the Dairy Barn Art Center, Athens, Ohio.
I found the finished product more or less by accident the other day, a film by Gary J Kirksley.
Watching them is a wonderful entry into that artist’s mind, and a good way to remember her work.
I’ll give you links to some of them. There are many more which struck me for various reasons.  And you can continue with any of the links to see more of the 2 minute videos.
Deidre Adams has the stamp of intelligence all over her work. Knowledge, and who gets it and how it is withheld from others is the theme of Disruption, 55 x 98”
Deidre Adams Disruption
Betty Busby I include for the sheer innovation of her shaped piece, inspired by her years as a potter. Plus she is an exuberant soul! Tribute, 65 x 20 x 18”.
Betty Busby Tribute
Daren Pitts Redman really blows me away with her piecing. Her work is so very different from mine, and sometimes that is what attracts me. Her piece is called Glorious Summer, 42 x 70”.

Diane Nunez had the most unusual quilt in the show called Cross Section, 34 x 34 x 1″. And yes, she does explain why this is a quilt.

Kathleen Loomis simply astounds me with her huge, beautiful, carefully planned out “Entropy,” 71 x 85.”
Kathleen Loomis Entropy
And finally I include Kristin La Flamme because I love her political explanation for why she chose the quilt medium, and the thought behind the piece itself, ‘Murica, 52 x 97”
Kristin La Flamme 'Murica
Enjoy! I hope you learn from these too.