Day 16

Today I am giving a presentation to a group of traditional quilters entitled “A Tantalizing Introduction to Art Quilts.” It includes the story of how art quilts came about and a hands-on taste of the raw edge applique method. I knew I had to prepare this, including materials for 50 people to work, before January and the 30 for 30 art challenge. So I did, pulling down my favorite art quilt books, reading, scanning pictures, boning up.
But all the same yesterday was very much taken up with final preparations, and loading up the car.  So today’s offering is a little piece that serves as the sample of the method I use.
I do hope to figure out how to put the whole presentation on line, through this blog or my website.  But until then, here is my (humble and untitled) sample.
I did also start work on a bigger piece yesterday.  I hope to finish it this afternoon, and have a proper posting for tomorrow.
finished piece