Day 17

This was was inspired by the title of an art show I intend to enter called “Boundaries, Borders and Thresholds.” After I had a flood of thoughts about the serious events and associations that came to mind (US/Mexican border; fear of immigrants; historical Berlin wall etc etc,) I started to think about the close to home boundary of neighbor to neighbor.
I checked my growing repository of photos from my neighborhood, and sure enough there was a nice house in town, and a contrasting tiny (ex-outhouse??) behind a neighbor’s house. And it made me giggle to put that big woman from a commercial cotton print inside the nice house.
My sister and brother-in-law’s pet turkey glares menacing¬†from the “ex-outhouse??” and various other and sundry creatures abound. I used some bits of plastic bags under the tulle in the sky, and I like the effect. ¬†That idea will get me started on my next piece.
Makes me think these neighbors should have met a long time ago!