Day 7, Franklin Street Games

Franklin Street Games lo res
This tiny art quilt, just 2 x 8″ will actually be a mural.
Artist Michael L Miller of West Reading is organizing a project called West Reading Museum of Temporary Art and Personal Histories. He gathered the stories of 120 residents, from past to present, and matched the stories with 120 artists who will create the tiny works of art to be installed, each on a brick, around town.
The story I was assigned was a man remembering his boyhood on a street of row houses. As he passed by, friendly neighbors relaxed on their front porches. He played tag with his friends and remembered shooting marbles on the grass.
I tried to abstract the row houses, overlaid by the circles and colorful marbles inside and outside them.
Martha Ressler
Franklin Street Games
Art Quilt
2 x 8″