Day 13 What Will the Newspapers Say/On New Year's Day

What Does the Newspaper Say_ On New Years Day lo res
This piece was the result of a challenge laid down in Cloth in Common, my international art quilt group. We were to use song lyrics as an inspiration for an art quilt. I love song lyrics, and thought it would be easy.  It wasn’t. My mind was blank for the month of December.  Then on January 1, as I retrieved my neighbor’s newspaper, I saw my shadow selfie, and the U2 song, New Year’s Day, sprung into my mind. It was the coldest January 1 for 100 years. The news had been mostly bad, to my mind. All I had to add was the “blood-red sky,” and I had my composition. Even the shadows could look a bit sinister — or not.
Martha Ressler
What Will the Newspapers Say/ On New Year’s Day
Art Quilt
20 x 16″