A dream that has come true

I have to write today about someone else’s art.
My husband and I saw the art of Julio C├ęsar Cepeda Duque in Cuba over 3 years ago, and it was love at first sight. The humor, the craftsmanship and artistry and use of found objects really grabbed us.
We determined to help this artist by bringing him to the US for an exhibition.
It took thousands of dollars, and work by dozens of people to obtain his visa (an O1 visa for person of “extraordinary ability.”) We put together what has become a hard working committee to organize his housing, the exhibit itself at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in Reading PA, visits to schools and universities, festivals, and many home visits, picnics and dinners.
With Alexis.jpg
Now he is here.
Here we were picking him up at the Philadelphia airport at 3 AM August 11.
3 am at Philly airport.jpg
His first “assignment” was to make a sculptural mural for the city of West Reading.
It turned out to be 6 panels that together form the Island of Cuba. It will be installed Monday.
Final touches
Today will be an advance unveiling of the work at a reception in West Reading.
Then he’ll start work in his studio at GoggleWorks, getting ready for the exhibition opening night Sept 7.
He is such a nice, charming person, and so very hard working, focused, and efficient.
So many people have come foward to help, it has been a pure joy to meet them and work with Julio to make his visit an outstanding success.
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