A Little Cone Tree

I read a blog post by S. Marsh. C. on making a cone shaped Christmas tree.  She used jute twine, wrapping around a cone of brown paper.
It gave me an idea of how to use some twisted cloth strip cord that I make compusively. I saw the method on Pinterest a few years ago — it involves two strips of cloth, and you twist them in one direction and wind them together in the opposite direction.  Basically. Anyway, I have a lot of it.
So — here goes.
After taking the paper bag apart, there was a tear.  I tried to ignore it, but it got in my way.
The cat was interested in this process.
The cat finds this interesting and the tear was in the way
So I stopped, ironed the paper, and fixed the tear with MistyFuse and some scraps of paper.fixing tear - Copy
Once ironed, it was good as new.
So — I wind the cone and tape it, and start to wrap the twisted twine around it, starting at the small end. I used a scrap of recycled styrofoam as my glue palette.

I think I wrapped a little too tightly, because the cone buckled a little. But not too bad. I trimmed off the end of the cone.
winding more
When it was all wrapped, it seemed to need a base, so I stuck it on the styro palette I had been using. Already full of glue! Perfecto.
plunked down on the glue palette for a base - Copy
Then after letting it dry overnight, I trimmed it off, and Voila — my new cone tree!
It didn’t seem to need ornaments, because of the color variations in the cloth twine.
Thank you S. Marsh C.  I hope you see this!
All done - Copy