A New Year, a New Challenge

Once again, Art Plus Gallery in West Reading, PA is hosting a 30 for 30 challenge.  Myself and 17 other artists will attempt to make one piece of art a day, and post it every day.

A house in the evening along a country road, with one window lighted up. There are two pine trees in the yard, and a fence along the road.
Evening on Mountain Road, 20 x 30″, framed, sold.

I’m getting started with a “sunset” series.  I was inspired by a commission I just completed for a customer. She wanted “purples, blues and a country or nature setting.” She said whatever inspired me would be good for her.  Luckily she knew what she was talking about, as she had previously purchased several of my pieces. Here is that piece, and the first two of my month long quest to make one a day.  Honestly some will be larger art quilts, so it may take longer that one day to complete.  But — wish me luck!  Here we go!

A brilliant pink and purple sky over a stark landscape with a road and trees silhouetted in the distance.
Road to Sunset, Martha Ressler, 14 x 11″ Art Quilt
Sunset on Mountain Road, art quilt, 11 x 14″, Martha Ressler