Abby Ryder

Day 28 Winter Meadow

This is another product of the screen printing class I took. I made three passes with the screen: the translucent blue shadows and tracks, a tan color of the weeds, and a darker colors of some of the weeds, as an accent.  Then I heavily hand embroidered the piece. I am excited about this one.  […]

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Day 20 Cat and Money

Another product of my screen printing class taken at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in Reading, PA. This little baby is accompanied by some special paper — actual money from Portugal. I love the orange rose. The dark blue print is a scrap of silk from an antique kimono. And of course the hand embroidery

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Day 19 Cat and Swirls

Another cat from my screen printing venture– a class at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts taught by Abby Ryder.  The additional stamping and embroidery give her some extra character and interest. Martha Ressler Cat and Swirls Art Quilt 7 x 5″

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Day 18 Cat and Lace

This little sweetie is the product of a screen printing class I took at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts from Abby Ryder. I printed the brightly colored cat four times, so she may look familiar in the next three days. It will be framed, but that is not accomplised yet. Martha Ressler Cat with Lace

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Screen Printing

Way back in college I took silk screen printing. Now it’s called screen printing (silk is no longer used for the screens), and I’m once again taking a class. It’s so much fun! I’m printing onto fabric so I can use my images for art quilts. My class is taught by Abby Ryder, at GoggleWorks

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