Just Eat Real Food

This is my piece for the second day of the 30-for-30 Challenge.
I started the background last night and got the little 3-D found object figures glued together.  It takes 24 hours for the stuff to harden.  I discovered Apoxy Sculpt, a two part paste that really helps bind together the difficult creatures such as these.
The rest I did today.
The size is 16.5 x 21.
An art quilting sister, Daren Pitts Redman sent me some of her hand dyed scraps of cloth, the red and green strips on the left and right side of the piece.  Aren’t they juicy? They seemed just perfect for a piece about crisp red apples, bright peppers, and vibrant green veggies.
The piece is for a local show called Food for Thought, and preachy though it is, the title sums up my dietary philosophy.

1 thought on “Just Eat Real Food”

  1. Hey Marty
    Glad you liked the fabrics.
    You can see what they are children of at SAQA Seasonal Palette called Autumn, Brown County Indiana.
    I am so happy that you have been able to create with them.
    Cheers, Daren

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