Day 5

About the House on the Hill, 16.5 x 19″ is another is a series inspired by things I see walking around. My innocent neighbor’s house, aided by my imagination, is now sprouting legs. A whole panorama of surprising flora and fauna are romping about her yard.
I am using papers from newspapers, catalogs, magazines aided by a layer of Mistyfuse top and bottom which gives them the strength and fiber so that I can stitch them.
And once again Apoxie Sculpt came to my rescue in attaching the legs, separated from some discarded doll I found at a flea market.
Check out what other artists are doing in the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.
Cheers, and on to tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Day 5”

  1. Its taking a little longer than one day, so soon I will get backed up. I’m aided by not doing much hand stitching, which takes longer. And I haven’t finished the hanging sleeve on the back, so I’ll have a pile of those to finish up at some point!

    1. I’m really impressed by your work here. Really impressed. I made a couple of very small art quilts last fall using a strip technique and they took much much longer than I thought, and weren’t what I’d call pieces of art. All of your work IS art, and I can’t believe you’re turning these out so quickly. I hemmed and hawed over every composition decision. You must roll right through. Either Mistyfuse is miraculous, or you are, or both! Seriously, reviewing your work this month is astounding to me. Congratulations times 20!

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