Day 7

The neighborhood object included in this piece is the ceramic rocking horse galloping off to the left.  It was in the window of one of Hamburg’s several used “stuff” stores. I considered buying it so I could get a good photo, but at $10 I discouraged myself, saying it wouldn’t count as an object discovered while walking about.
I had fun thinking of “affluenza” as a virus that might be catching, and well worth avoiding.  Will that end up being the new word of the year? I kind of hope so! In case you missed this news item, “affluenza” was the defense of a spoiled young man who killed four people and injured nine while recklessly drunk driving, then escaped to Mexico.
We get the New York Times on Sunday, and the real estate section has no shortage of outrageously expensive homes advertised. It’s a window onto a world I don’t know and don’t care to know!

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  1. Wow! I continue to be stunned by your work. Completely in awe. Can you recommend any books that might help me climb this mountain? I’m so impressed. And looks like we share common values too. Love this for more reasons than I can count! ?

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