Day 13

I put in a long day on this one, because I wanted to thread paint the figure. That means using the machine in free motion stitching mode to “paint” with different thread colors until the original image is completely colored.  Like a coloring book!
I was moved by an article I read about Flint, MI, being stuck with a poor decision by a city manager, who decided to save money and take the city’s drinking water from the Flint River.  It was full of contaminants, and some children now have permanent brain damage from lead poisoning.  The river faintly running through the city reference is the Flint River.
This one is all fabric — no papers or found objects.  The every day item is the horsey, now purchased and ready to pose for me at a moment’s notice.  Today he gets to fly to the moon.
Which leads me to the obvious title, Fly Me to the Moon.  Size 19.5 x 16.5
The link to the 30 for 30 Art Challenge is
On to the next one! Back to the mail box theme I think.  We’ll see what happens.