Day 28

This is the third square of the Tree Map piece. Now I’m going to color shift for the middle three squares.
I got my order of Mistyfuse in just in time yesterday to complete this piece. I’d begun working on another project so as not to waste any time.
I won’t be able to complete the Tree Map for the 30 for 30 art challenge which ends January 30, but I plan to keep posting until it is done. Hate to leave dangling ends! It may not be every day, though, as other work has been piling up this January.
The challenge has indeed caused me to push myself, and I have experimented, as was the intent. I hope the other artists have had the same good experience with this.  Thank you Leslie Saeta for issuing the challenge and keeping up the website.
Tree map 3Tree map entire

3 thoughts on “Day 28”

  1. I’m sure you don’t have time to answer this now but I’ve spent lots of money on different fusible webs and such and I’m wondering if Mistyfuse is different enough to warrant a purchase. I love your work so I keep thinking if it could help me create something like this, it’d be worth it! I’m really enjoying seeing your pieces every day.

    1. It is very lightweight. So when I create in thin layers, using small pieces of plastic bags, fabrics and paper, I don’t want a heavy fusible that would be close to opaque.

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