Inspired by the King

We enjoy watching our Goldfinches all summer long. They grab onto a long flower stem in our wildflower meadow and swing back and forth, like in their own private amusement park. As autumn approaches, they lose their bright yellow coloring. It takes energy to maintain that color for breeding season.
It’s like when you come home and put on your comfortable clothes!
A while ago my husband, Jay Ressler, who is also an artist, made a beautiful photographic composition called The Sunflower King. The finch sits grandly atop a bent and gnarly sunflower, well past its prime. In the background are layered love letters from Henry VII to Anne Boleyn, and another texture layer.
I decided to make an art quilt inspired by The Sunflower King. Actually I made two.
The largest one is called Summer’s End, 25.25 x 19.5”
The smaller is called My Little Finch, and is 12.5 x 10”
Here they all are.