Recent Work

At this time of year I am so grateful to live in a Northern clime.  The “change of seasons” we all claim we love can work against us in February.  But in April and May watching the leaves burst forth in their yellow-green bounty is pure joy.  My studio looks out onto our garden, filled with flowers and birds, and from there to the wildflower meadow and treeline beyond. Yes, it calls to me to come out and weed and plant.  But it also demands its story be told in art quilts.
All of these are from talking walks near my house.  In the case of “North Mountain,” I only have to walk out of my front door.
I’ve been working on smaller scale pieces, getting ready for the many art fairs coming up this year.
My husband Jay has been making the frames to float these pieces.  Inside each is a 5 x 7 fully finished little art quilt. They are poplar, routed, sanded, cut and oil stained, then hand rubbed wax finish.
Here are some of them.

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  1. So cute! Boy, you are lucky to have that fella who can frame! The issue of framing bamboozles me, and it’s so expensive. I haven’t had any luck with repurposing thrift shop frames either; and I feel the whole frame-dilema actually impedes my progress at times. So, bravo! to your hubby.

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