Upgrade and other news

I just finished a busy week teaching youngsters at a summer camp. Yes, a distraction from my artwork, but I like watching them grow up.  And it helps to ground me to the families in my community and feel a part of it.
The week before that, I participated in a Plein Air contest. Luckily it wasn’t a juried entry, as I am primarily a studio artist. I do like participating  — this was the 3rd year. Working outside heightens your senses, and makes you feel very THERE. I’m happy with one of my pieces, and only medium-satisfied with the other two.  I’ll include pictures of all three. Of course it is a logistical challenge working with fabric outdoors. For one of them I took along our marine battery and inverter and my iron. That way I could fuse down the pieces as I composed.  It actually worked fairly well. The first one, Museum Path, was done on a breezy day, and I was constantly chasing bits of fabric.  I was trying to pin them down, which really didn’t work very well. I had to add all the details: light poles, the bench etc. later in my studio.
Also I upgraded to a paying WordPress account. You aren’t supposed to see any ads.
Is it worth it? And — feed back please — do you see ads??



1 thought on “Upgrade and other news”

  1. No ads and it’s worth it. Ads annoy me and seem unprofessional. One ad that kept on showing up on many posts was two skanky girls in the back of a Police car! That makes it hard to take the art seriously. Thank you for the upgrade, it was worth it.
    My fav is Museum Path which I am assuming you are only moderately happy with. I like the energy, the “brokeness” of it. It seems both improv and a bit undone, but with strong design. Hope that doesn’t sound like art-speak.

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