An Introduction

I was asked to be the Artist of the week for SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates), and will be posting on their members only facebook page every day this week.  I will share the posts here on my blog as well.

Day one:

I ask myself each time: “Why create this artwork using fabric?” What story can fabrics and stitching tell differently than a painting?

Inviting the viewer to be in on an element of fantasy, I may use drawings, postage stamps, and found objects, along with fabrics and hand embroidery. They are reborn in a stitched story with evidence of new and old secrets to be discovered.

I am a member of Cloth in Common, an international challenge group of art quilters, and a Juried Artist Member of Studio Art Quilt Associates. I was a painter before turning to art quilts. My education included a BA in history with an art minor at Oberlin College in Ohio, and an MA in art history from University of Michigan. I’ve learned art quilt techniques through numerous workshops, books and seminars.

I live in a rural area of Pennsylvania, in between Harrisburg and Allentown, and show my work in local galleries and at art fairs.

To introduce myself I’ll start with my latest work, “Rampant Meadow,” a commission for Hershey Medical Center. 30 x 40”, raw edge applique.