Artist of the Week, SAQA

I’ve done many small (mostly 5 x 7”) quilts while travelling. These have often included found objects from those places. I combined some in a piece entitled “From the Other side of the Wall,” which is currently travelling with Quilt National 2019. For the last two and a half years I have been working on a project to make a quilt of every town in Berks County (where I live). I will have at least 80 of these when I’m done, and will have an exhibit of them in December at Art Plus Gallery in West Reading.

Speaking of small works, I enjoy making other small pieces, often of birds.  I sell these in galleries and art fairs. They are all framed, as, indeed, are all of my pieces, except the very largest. And all small pieces are hand quilted.

Reading Lines, 5 x 7,” 2019

Trinidad, City of Lace, 9 x 12,” 2019

The Other Side of the Wall, 9.5 x 95,” 2018, Quilt National 2019

Goldfinch with Thistle, 5 x 7,” 2019 In a private collection

Blue Bird 2, 5 x 7,” 2019 In a private collection

Barn Owl, 5 x 7,” 2019 In a private collection

Reading Lines, art quilt, 5 x 7″