Day 4 of Artist of the Week, SAQA

[This is the fourth in a series I am posting on the SAQA –Studio Art Quilts Associates– members only Facebook page. It follows my journey as an art quilter.]
After stumbling for a bit, I realized that what actually inspires me is that which surrounds me. And in rural Eastern PA, that means hills and fields. Our own five acres has provided plenty of raw material for me to work with. This is the period I became even more conscious of using materials that say, “This is an art quilt, not a painting.” And this is the type of work I am doing now.
I also began to be more conscious of the quilting itself, as a result of briefly joining a traditional quilting guild. They challenged me to really learn.
Spilled Red, 23.5 x 23,” 2015, in a private collection
Hay Field in Spring, 20 x 20,” 2019, in a private collection
Lower Meadow in September, 18 x 20,” 2018
Spilled Red
Spilled Red

Lower Meadow in September
20 x 30″