Getting into the weeds

Ok, sometimes I repeat myself, I admit. Unless I get tired of making something I might make multiple versions of the same thing?  Does anyone else do that?

One image has been particularly prone to this repetitive activity. I had silkscreened a two-color image on a piece of satin rescued from an old wedding gown (another story entirely!)

I love to watch our wildflower meadow in all seasons.  Or, what we dub our wildflower meadow.  It is mostly weeds, despite our best efforts. We don’t mow it down in the winter for three reasons. The remaining seeds give hungry birds some respite. The weed and flower stalks give birds and small critters some shelter.  And thirdly, we get more visual interest in the winter if some weed stalks are at least sticking up.

These are all hand stitched, which was a rather lengthy, meditative process in this case.

I’ve done four versions of “Winter Meadow.” Yes, they are very similar, but to me there are subtle differences.  Can you see them?  Don’t count the color difference.  That is due to operator error (mine) in either taking the picture or processing it.

This was the first one:

Winter Meadow, 2018

And — the second.

The second version, also 2018.

The lst two were recent, the end of 2020 and January 2021.  Actually while cleaning out my studio I found two more of the original silk screen prints!

The third version of winter meadow, this one with touches of red.

And the fourth and final.  More orange in this one.

Weeds in Winter Meadow

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