Day 20

We live at the base of a mountain, and especially during mulberry season, often speak of “evidence of bear.” Meaning, well, let me just say that the “evidence” is full of mulberry seeds and of a specific shape and consistency.
In today’s fantasy, entitled “Evidence of Bear,” the bear (another neighbor’s lawn ornament), is hard to miss. I think he has his eye on the delicious looking fish atop the house.
The size of this piece is 15 x 18.75, and again I’ve started with a background of plastic bags, and tulle pieces which gives a feel of watercolor washes.
Let’s see what happens today. Be sure to check out what other artists are doing at


1 thought on “Day 20”

  1. I cannot “bear” to leave this art without a note. As I watch the market, I did not want to see a bear today, but this one made me chuckle for a long time, and that is good. I

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