A Tour of the County

For the last year or so I’ve been faithfully following a series of articles in the local paper (the Reading Eagle, which has meanwhile become one of the many “ghost newspapers” around the country, but that is another story.)

The articles are really re-hashing older stories, the latest being from 2002, of the municipalities and townships in Berks County.

But incomplete as they are, they have given me a guide to follow.  I follow my Google Map directions to some thing in that locality, take a look around until I have gotten a sense of the place, and found something of visual interest.  I’m trying to include the place name in some way in each piece. 

I’m planning an exhibition of all of these in 2021. I hope to complete a once-through (at least one quilt per location) sometime this year, 2020.  Then I’d like people to invite me to their area to see what I’ve missed.  When you see an area through someone’s eyes who has lived there, it is different, and more special. And I’ll make additional ones!

I’m amassing notebooks of the newspaper articles along with my quilts.  Sometime this year I’ll get them framed. Right now I’m on my third notebook!

Go to “Berks in Stitches” under Galleries in my website to see the rest of these.